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Hall of Distinction
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Hall of Fame    -   Hall of Distinction

These are coaches of cross country and/or track & field at a New Mexico School since the late 60’s and prior to 1987, who have established a program of excellence.
This means his/her teams consistently performed at quality levels, such as 1-3 placements at State and/or District Champion/runner-up and combined with athletes who were All District and State.
Each Coach has demonstrated his/her inclination to promote our Sports in positive ways and have established models for mentoring coaches.
These coaches will be inducted by acclamation by the NMTCCCA Hall of Fame Committee.

Jim Arnold  Manzano
  Pam Allen Capitan
  Trish Benavidez Belen
  Jim Ciccarello Manzano, Highland, Sandia, and La Cueva
  Sheryl Clemmer West Mesa and Albuquerque Academy
  Steve Gauhupin Jemez Valley
  Tony S. Garcia Silver City 1976-2001
  Matt Henry West Mesa, La Cueva, and UNM
  Mark Henry La Cueva, UNM
  Ronny Maskew Ruidoso
  JoAnne Romero Belen 1971-1986 “ Founding Father”
  Gary Sanchez Highland 1983 -

  Phil & Jeanne Sategna Bloomfield 1974 - Phil ( Founding Father)
  Curtis Williams Gallup, Sandia 1971 “ Founding Father”
  Allen Lockridge Pojoaque
  Dave Mathieu Socorro
  Mario Martinez Springer, Ft. Sumner
  Jim Alire Santa Fe
  Blaine Clarke Sandia "Founding Father"

  Juan Flores Manzano
  Doug Dorame Cibola, Albuquerque High
  Kathy Brion Eldorado
  Dave Butcher Del Norte
  Kent Hitchens Carlsbad
  Miles Watters Clayton
  Gary Lyn Haggard Hatch (31 years)
  Larry Chavez, JR Tucumcari, Santa Rosa, Rio Rancho
  George Provolt Manzano, Cibola, La Cueva
  Ken Medley Albuquerque, Cibola, La Cueva
  Buddy Robertson APS Athletics



































































































































































Pam Allen: Capitan

Trish Benavidez: Belen; NMTCCCA 1stSecretary

Jim Ciccarello:  Manzano, Highland, Sandia, La Cueva

Sheryl Clemmer: West Mesa & Albuquerque Academy

Steve Gachupin: Jemez Valley

Tony S. Garcia: Silver City 1976-2001

Matt Henry: West Mesa, La Cueva, UNM  ‘Founding Member’ and our NMTCCCA 1stClinic Director
Pat Henry: Hobbs, LSU, Texas AM

Ronny Maskew: Ruidoso
Allen Lockridge: Pojoaque     

Dave Mathieu: Socorro
JoAnne Romero: Belen 1971-1986 ‘Founding Member’

Gary Sanchez: Highland 1983 Past President: NMTCCCA & NMHSCA

Phil Sategna: Bloomfield 1974 ‘Founding Member’    

Jeanne Sategna: Bloomfield

Curtis Williams: Gallup, Sandia 1971 ‘Founding Member; Past President:NMTCCCA & NMHSCA
Jim Butcher: Del Norte  

Mario Martinez: Ft. Sumner  

Jim Alire: Santa Fe
Prentis Jones: Rio Grande    

Miles Watters:  Clayton

Gary Haggard: Hatch
John Haaland: Del Norte, Great Southwest Track and Field Classic

Blaine Clarke: Sandia & West Mesa; ‘Founding Member’ Past President NMTCCCA

Juan Flores: Manzano

Doug Dorame: Cibola & Albuquerque High

Kathy Brion: Eldorado

Ken Medley: Albuquerque High, Cibola, La Cueva

Kent Hitchen: Carlsbad ‘Founding Member’     

Buddy Robertson: APS Athletics

Larry Chavez Sr. Tucumcari, Santa Rosa, Rio Rancho, Cleveland: Past President NMTCCCA