Coach, Advocate and Pioneer
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For track and field coaches around the state, when you hear the word Bloomfield, you immediately associate it with a program of history, tradition and excellence.
The four corners track mecca has long been a lasting example of one of the best meets in the state.

Many long time coaches have attended this meet and taken part
in recognizing and celebrating coaches from around the four corners for over the last twenty years. Penny McKnight, Stan Byrd, Sam Fox, Ron Jack,
to name just a few. photo 


Saturday April 25th, 2011, the Bloomfield community and staff, along with coaches from New Mexico and Colorado, took a special moment to honor one
of their own; Jeanne Sategna. Jeanne is retiring from coaching and teaching after 37 years of dedicated service. She started her career teaching and
coaching for 4 years at Artesia High School. She started fighting for TITLE IX from the first day on the job at Artesia High School……long before it was
popular and mandated to do so!!!!

Jeanne then came back to San Juan County and taught at Aztec High School for 2 years before coming back home to coach and teach at Bloomfield
High School for the next 31 years.

Jeanne has been an advocate and pioneer for girl’s athletics in the state of New Mexico. She was the first woman to serve on the board of the New
Mexico High School Coaches Association. She was… and is today… the only woman to serve as president of that organization. She served as
president from 2002-2003. She received the Distinguished Service Award from the New Mexico High School Coaches Association in 2004. She was
recognized for her achievements by bein
g elected into the New Mexico High School Coaches Association Hall of Honor in 2007.

She has been a main stay at Bloomfield track meets for the past 33 years. “This meet couldn’t have gotten by without her” states husband Phillip
Sategna. As it should be, in front of a full set of bleachers of track athletes and fans, Bloomfield High School recognized her for her dedicated years of
service to the athletes and students she has taught, coached, and help to mold over the last 37 years. Her family then surprised her with something they
knew she would cherish more than any award......... a $200 gift certificate to Dillards!

Thank you Jeanne for all you have done for the youth of New