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Mini Clinic Material Submission Info


The  NMTCCCA encourages the submission of your articles and tips that can be used by your coaching peers to educate, inspire and elevate the sports of Cross Country and Track and Field in New Mexico and throughout the United States. 

Please understand that when you submit your material for the NMTCCCA to publish, you are still the owner of your material and you are giving the NMTCCCA permission to publish the information in digital or printed form for the betterment of the Association and the coaching public.   



1. Email your article and any/all photos as attachments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

2. Email a profile about yourself that can be included in an "About the Author".

TEXT FORMAT: Send the article already formatted through a document processor such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Doc, etc.

PHOTO FORMAT: Photos need to be sent as a .jpg or .png files.


It is up to the disgression of the Association, or it's designee, to accept or reject any submission.