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2018 General Session Minutes - Jan 19th
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Friday, January 19, 2018


1.Call meeting to order President Polich

2.NMTCCCA Board Minutes Read

  1. *David Nunez read the minutes to the general session

4.Welcome/Opening Ceremonies: ”Founding Fathers” Curtis Williams/Matt Henry

  1. * Curtis Williams spoke about the beginnings and reasons for organizing the NMTCCCA in the late 1980's.He stressed even today how many of the principles they emphasized back then are still important for the current organization to uphold.Curtis asked some of the original coaches that were part of the organizations beginnings to stand and be recognized. He added that Marilyn Sepulveda passion and determination to make it happen landed her as the very first president of the organization.

6.* Matt Henry spoke about the challenges he faced in organizing the first NMTCCCA coaches clinic. He stated the importance of getting successful New Mexico speakers from our own state to speak to our coaches. He feels they are some great coaches that have much to offer to New Mexico coaches.

7.NMTCCCA Website Overview

  1. * Joe Giglia went over all that is available on the website and reminded members that clinic schedules and presenter information could be found there as well.

9.Elections: Northwest Representative/ Pres Elect President Polich

  1. Northwest Representative-?????
  2. * Fred made the announcement that a Northwest Representative was needed and will be taking nominations.
  3. * Chris Carroll of Zuni nominated with East Mountains David Naylor giving a second to the nomination.
  4. * Since only one nomination Doc Helm made a motion to place him by acclamation which received a second with a general members favorable vote ofyea to placeas the Northwest Representative.
  5. Pres. Elect Postion- Daniel Otero of Laguna Acoma
  6. *Doc Helm nominated Daniel Otero from Laguna Acoma for the Pres Elect and received a second from David Velasquez.
  7. * Joe Giglia nominated Alex Mikaelia from Eldorado for Pres Elect and received a second.
  8. * A motion was made to seize nominations and received as second.
  9. * A membership standing vote was taking with Daniel Otero of Laguna Acoma receiving the most standing votes and being named Pres. Elect.
  10. All-Harrier List ReadSpencer Sielschott
  11. * Spencer called names that received All-Harrier recognition and coaches picked up the awards. Spencer reminded coaches that you must be a member for your athletes to be eligible.Spencer made note of several not being claimed due to lack of membership.
  12. Great Southwest AnnouncementsLawernce Apodoca
  13. *Lawrence Apodoca made an announcement to the general session that track officials were needed to help with the Great Southwest.He added that New Mexico is looking for a Girls Selection Chair and if interested contact him.
  14. Marilyn Sepulveda meetAndrea Kexel/Lenny G
  15. *Andrea Kexel told coaches she had handouts with information if interested see her.
  16. Adjournment

* Doc Helm made a motion to adjourn and there was second and it passes with a favorable vote from the general session.