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2015 General Meeting Minutes - January 24th
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January 24, 2015

11:00 a.m. – Sheraton Uptown

 Secretary Laci Lockwood (Estancia) READING ‘High Lights” of Executive Board Sessions:

Meeting called  to Order at 11:00 a.m., January 23rd, by NMTCCCA President Kent Hitchens (Carlsbad)

Roll Call & Quorum: Secretary Laci Lockwood (Estancia)

  • All Board Members present except:  Kelly Osuna (Past President) 

Additionally, we had Andrea Kexel (Del Norte) and  Jeff Turcotte (St. Piux), Rudy Aragon, Chris Kedge and Jackie Martinez who joined us for lunch


  • Increase membership fee to $20.00. Membership has not been increased in 10 years.

Vote to the General membership

  • Report of the President on activities since Summer Clinic
  1. oColt Harrrellson: Ruidoso to the recommended to Sport Specific Committee as Small School Representative
  • Constitutional Changes
  1. oConstitutional Change concerning Executive Board Membership Eligibility

Article IV, Section 5 re.,

  • Reads: “Any executive board member who leaves the coaching profession, or is unwilling or unable to serve his/her full term shall be replaced at the discretion of the executive Board”.
  1. oChanges:

Proposed Change

Article IV. Executive Board, Proposed Change

v Section 5.

“ Any Executive Board Member who retires from coaching track and/or cross country after a minimum of 15 years, but remains active in some facet of track or cross country may continue to serve or be elected to the Executive Committee.

  1. oConstitutional Changes Concerning Re-Classiciation

Article IV, Section 1

  1. oProposed Change
  2. o1A – 2A to 1a – 3A and 3A – 5a to 4A – 6A 


  • Buster Mabrey: Executive Director of the NMHSCA gave his report 

  • Board discussed  any problems at State Cross Country Meet 
  • Joe Giglia: Reported for Sports Specific Committee 

  1. oNMTCCCA & the Sports Specific Committee
  2. oAlignment – Request that the NMTCCCA Board be allowed 2 Representative on Committee: President or his/her designate and one other to appointed by President from NMTCCCA Executive Committee

  • Joe Giglia: Reported on the Web Site 

  • Spencer Sielschott: Clinic Director gave a Financial Reports 

  • Spencer Sielschott – Name our “Hall of Fame” Inductees:
  1. oLeroy Armijo (West Last Vegas),
  2. oMark Turner (Piedra Vista),
  3. oBob Jackson (Hobbs),
  4. oGeorge Provolt (Manzano)
  5. oFirst to Finish Award: John Haaland (GSW)
  • Discussed Vacancies on NMTCCCA Executive Committee
  • Discussed Building a List of Speaker for future Chris Jaramillo Luncheons; Olympians, Olympic Qualifiers, NMAA Champions who are successful
  • Lenny Gurule & Andrea Kexel spoke on the Marilyn Sepulveda Meet
  • Jeff Turcott covered the  All-Harrier Award Program
  • Discussed a Request for the 3200 M. Run for the Junior High Competition Block
  • Discussed Tie Breaking in State Championship Qualifying Information  (Breaking Ties in Jumping Events)- citing that the “NMAA Rules are in direct conflict with federation rules. Additionally, no provision is given if a tie occurs in a running event for 2nd place at district
  • Bob Vandiver , President Elect  report on Cross Country Coaches of the Year
  • Clinic Introduction Assignments were made to Board Members 

  • NMTCCA President introduced NMSU Asst. Coach Larry Carmichael for a brief presentation
  • We heard from Chris Kedge NMAA Asst. Director of Sports: Track & Field who went over the rule changes
  • We heard from Jackie Martinez: NMAA Asst. Director of Sports
  • Other New Business: ?
  • Meeting adjourned at : 1 :30 p.m.



January 23, 2015

4:20 PM. – Sheraton Uptown


  1. 1.Introduction of NMTCCA Executive Committee
  • President –  Kent Hitchens (Carlsbad)
  • President-Elect – Bob Vandiver (Grants)
  • Secretary – Laci Lockwood
  • Past President – Kelly Osuna (Cobre)
  • Historian: South – Doc Helm (Alamogordo
  • Historian: North – Fred Polich (Del Norte)
  • Clinic Director – Spencer Sielschott (Sandia)
  • Asst. Clinic Director – Matt Hull
  • Chris Jaramillo Luncheon – Doug Dorame
  • Executive Director of the NMHSCA: Buster Mabrey

Area Representatives:

  • Northeast Large – Lenny Gurule (St. Michaels)
  • Northeast Small – Joe Giglia (Cimarron)
  • Northwest Large – (Vacant)
  • Northwest Small – Daniel Otero (Laguna Acoma)
  • Central Large – Kathy Brion (Eldorado)
  • Central Small – Tim Host (Academy for Technology and the Classics-Santa Fe)
  • Southwest Large – David Nunez (Onate)
  • Southwest Small – Brian Miller (Cobre)
  • Southeast Large –  (Vacant)
  • Southeast Small – Doug Santo (Loving)
  1. 2.Report from Spencer Sielschott (Clinic Director)

  1. 3.Report on Chris Jaramillo Luncheon: Doug Dorame (if no present, then Spencer Sielschott) 

  1. 4.Report by NMHSCA Executive Director: Buster Mabrey

  1. 5.Constitutional Changes: Doc Helm and Fred Polich
  • Constitution Change to Allow any Executive Board Member who retired from coaching with 15 years of experience may continue to serve or be elected to the NMTCCA Executive Committee
  1. oMotion to Bring it to the General Membership: Doc Helms; 2nd Adam Kedge and approved 
  • Constitution Change to Change Classifications for Board Representation from:
  • 1A-2a to 1A – 3A
  • 3A – 5A to 4A – 6A
  • Motion to Bring it to the General Membership: _Doc Helms; 2nd Fred Polich and approved 


  1. oSmall School Northeast: __ Joe Giglia 
  2. oMotion to Cease Nomination: Doc Helms
  3. o2nd
  4. oApproved
  • Elected 
  1. oLarge School Northeast: Lenny Gurle 
  2. oMotion to Cease Nomination:
  3. o2nd
  4. oApproved
  • Elected 
  1. oSmall School Southwest : Jessica Becker ___________
  2. oMotion to Cease Nomination:Tim Host
  3. o2nd
  4. oApproved
  • Elected 
  1. oLarge School Southwest: David Nunez 
  2. oMotion to Cease Nomination: 
  3. o2nd
  4. oApproved
  • Elected
  1. oLarge School: Southeast: Brad Fouts
  2. o
  3. oMotion to Cease Nomination: 
  4. o2nd__Joe
  5. oApproved
  • Elected 
  1. oSecretary: Laci Lockwood___
  2. oMotion to Cease Nomination: 
  3. o2nd
  4. oApproved
  • Elected 
  1. 7.Report on Marilyn Sepulveda Meet: Lenny Gurle (St. Michaels); Andrea Kexel (Del Norte)
  1. 8.Report on the All-Harrier Program – Jeff Turcott (St.Piux)
  1. 9.Discussion – Problems from the 2014 NMAA State Cross Country Meet (Any Problems)

10. Discussion of Rule Changes for 2015

  1. a.Position to oppose the Relay Card

Motion to Bring it to the General Membership: Jeremy Ricklefs_; 2nd _Joe Giglia___and approved  – only 1 vote against

11. Discussion of the 3200 Meter Run Proposal for Junior High Competition Block

  1. a.3200 meter be the cap of the distance
  2. b.More in Favor than opposed -  also to up local meet management
  3. c.Proposed to make a small committee to talk about and then approach the Executive board.

12. Discussion of upcoming 2015 NMAA State Track Meet (Any Problems)

13. Other New Business:

Increase fees from 15 dollars to 20 dollars for NMTCCCA.

  • Motion to Bring it to the General Membership: Bob Vandiver__; 2nd Doc Helms_and approved 

14. Motion to Adjourn; _ Bob Vandiver 2nd _Joe Giglia

2015 NMTCCA General Session Adjourned at: _5:17 PM